Development and research are an important axis for Ingecal.

Aware of technologies, chemistries and processes evolutions to be implemented for tomorrow’s batteries, Ingecal invested 1.5 million euros in the creation of an entity dedicated to the research and development of future batteries (solid-state battery, powder electrodes and fuel cells).

With the creation of Ingecal R&D we now provide customers our expertise and specialized equipments such as :

  • An industrial calender
  • A dry room (-40°C)
  • A clean room (200 m2)
  • Metrology tools

From September 2021 an industrial calender will be available in our new 70 m2 dry room (dew point -40°C/ ISO 8 class) for the qualification of materials and associated processes/machines in optimal conditions.

Moreover, our 200 m2 clean room equipped with additional equipments (powder mill, laminator,  extruder, unwinding/rewinding units) allows us to carry out tests to adapt the process to each type of product and technology.


Demonstrate the performances of our equipments and allow our customers to qualify their electrodes.


Carry out tests under real conditions with :

  • A dry room
  • Industrial equipments (high precision calender)
  • Metrology devices
  • A technical team expert in calendering

Make the link between our customers’ materials (slurry, foil, …) and our process know-how.


Develop tomorrow’s machines thanks to the experience acquired in real conditions during the tests at Ingecal