Our main field of activity

INGECAL is a machine manufacturer, created in January 2001, taking over the activity of the Machine Department of the company Keller Dorian (1964).

Our head office is based in the Lyon region (Eastern France) and we have a technical office in Angoulême (Western France)

Our team of 70 people allows us to have 100% control over the manufacture, installation and maintenance of your equipment (all is made by ourself)

Thanks to more than 20 years of collaboration with the main battery manufacturers (Saft, Blue Solution, Tesla, Leclanché, CEA, Fraunhofer, …), INGECAL has developed a range of machines adapted to electrode manufacturing : Roll Press Calenders, Lab coaters, Rolling mills, Laminating machines, editing machines.


Our advanced technology and knowledge of customers and processes, allows us today:

  • To manufacture one of the most accurate calenders in the world +/- 0.5 µm.
  • To be the first European machine manufacturer to have its own dry room (dew point -40°C), available to its customers with a 220 tons industrial calender inside.
  • To have an in-house clean room equipped with process characterisation equipments.
  • To have, through INGECAL R&D, a team dedicated to the development of equipments dedicated to new batteries manufacturing (Solid State, Powders, Nanotubes…)

For many years Ingecal has been manufacturing equipment for the composites industry.

Our impregnation lines, spinning machines, slitting stations, powdering lines and inspection lines equip today manufacturers such as Airbus, Ariane, Hexcel, Arkema, Eurocpter, Duqueine, Porcher, …

In 2019 Ingecal has been selected to develop and create a manufacturing line for thermoplastic carbon composites (PEKK) as part of the HAICOPAS project.

HAICoPAS(*) : Project to develop a new integrated supply chain of composites for structural applications for the Aeronautics, Automotive and Oil & Gas markets, combining carbon fiber with high-performance thermoplastic matrices.

The HAICoPAS research and development project (led by a consortium of industrials, academics and supported by state funding from BpiFrance) is part of the implementation of a new “materials and process” value chain that will supply a new branch of complete solutions in Carbon / Thermoplastic composites for primary and working structures used in aeronautics, automotive and oil & gas markets. The goals of the HAICoPAS (Highly Automated Integrated Composites for Performing Adaptable Structures) project are to remove a number of technological barriers in order to optimize the entire process, from the design and manufacture of high-performance Carbon / Thermoplastic polymers (PEKK, PAHT, PVDF) Tapes to the production of composite parts, at a competitive cost and high rate of production. This project also aims to develop a more productive slit tape placement technology as well as a new system of final part assembly by welding (ISW) with non-destructive and dimensional quality control on-line.

Check our WCW HAICoPAS presentation

Thank to its 20 years of know-how learned in the converting field, Ingecal offer custom made solution, perfectly adapted to the converting materiel such as printing, embossing, graining, calendaring, watermarking and coating.