Our main field of activity

Aeronautics and composite

In this innovative and changing field, major players such as AIRBUS EUROCOPTER trust us to develop the production tools.
Our equipment accuracy and the quality meet their specification requirement.
Our industrial data processing department knew how to respond to their product tracability needs.


In an upgrowing field, Ingecal takes part in the design of pilot lines to production line for fragile products such as anodes, cathodes and complex multilayers.
Ingecal machines meet the fiability needs and the requested accuracy to produce the battery components. Our calenders can controle the thickness at the micron scale.


Thank to its 30 years of know-how learned in the converting field, Ingecal offer custom made solution, perfectly adapted to the converting materiel such as printing, embossing, graining, calendaring, watermarking and coating.

Technical textile

From the unwinding to the rewinding, Ingecal supply complete converting line with high added value. Our global solution allows the process accordance by carrying out the speed control and the product tension.

Ingecal is also present int fields as cable, luxurious automobile and fiduciary.
We design and manufacture peripherical accessories to our machine (carts, handling spreader, tools, …)
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